Below you can read testimonials provided by athletes, swim coaches, and parents in the SwimStrong Community!


Athlete Testimonials


  • Sydney Arcella

“[SSDL] is a really fun program and the coaches are super helpful with any questions you have with workouts or swimming. And you’re able to meet a lot more swimmers throughout the country who are doing the same [workouts] as you.”

  • Aaron Baltaytis

“I can feel myself being stronger off the blocks and off the walls. I also have better body control due to my abs being stronger. Other than making me faster, I think it has also allowed for me to take on a larger workload as I got used to working out and swimming every day.”

  • Gioia Balzano

What I enjoy most about being a SSDL athlete is how the program is helping me to be an all-around better athlete and person. Athletes should join because it is more than just your average workout routine, SSDL is more of a lifestyle.”

  • Kenny Barnicle

“Athletes should join SwimStrong because the exercises are very specific for swimmers and are worked on by the coaches to maximize your performance in the water. The community is also awesome, and it allows you to get to know new people around the country.”

  • Alekos Binder

“SSDL has taught me so much about dryland and the work I need to do outside of the pool to be successful as a swimmer. With this bank of knowledge, I not only have a new sense of confidence, but I have a better understanding of exactly what I need to do. Coming from a program without a concrete dryland program, having a consistent structure of a proper swimmer-specific program has made all the difference. Joining this elite community of swimmers and coaches trying to achieve things at the highest level, I gained the confidence to reach for my highest goals. Additionally, having my small group coach, who is an expert on strength training and dryland, guiding me through everything has really helped me. Just recently, I had been dealing with a shoulder strain and my small group coach Bryan quickly adjusted all my workouts to let the specific part of my shoulder that I’d strained get rest. With the adjusted workouts, I virtually didn’t have to miss any time or training gains. He has helped me with anything remotely swimming related and has really been a big part of the success I’ve had a swimmer.”

  • Noah Cakir

“The environment and people you are around is just amazing. Everybody pushes and motivates each other. Outside of the pool, SSDL made me a whole bunch of friends and people to talk too when I go to these big away meets.”

  • Derek Cheng

“ [SSDL] helped me realize how important dry land is in swimming. It’s not only workouts that will provide excellent results, but it’s also a great way to connect and learn through other athletes/coaches. I love how there is a whole team dynamic with athletes around the entire country.”

  • Connor Dunker

“Over the course of just a few months [with SwimStrong], I have seen an immense increase in strength and my meet results are evident of that. The nutrition and dryland components help me recognize my potential as swimmer.”

  • Ian Everett

“I have seen my overall strength, explosiveness, and mobility increase while I’ve been doing SwimStrong, and all the gains I have been able to make directly translate over to the pool. SwimStrong has made me a better swimmer and a better athlete. What I was lacking in strength, mobility, explosiveness, etc. SwimStrong has helped me develop, and it has made a direct impact on my performance in the pool.”

  • Kevin Gillooly

“Being the lightest and weakest kid in the pool took its toll on me. The summer before my senior year I was hesitant to start training outside of the pool, but the second I got on the phone with Eric Hudson I knew exactly what I needed to do to get to the next level in swimming. Just in that summer alone, I put on 15 pounds of muscle, and an immeasurable amount of confidence. Eric had me set “impossible” goals for myself heading into a meet in October, including the crazy concept of dropping huge time in my 200 backstroke. I almost laughed in his face. I ended up going even faster than he said I would. The best part about this swim was looking up in the stands and seeing Eric standing there, screaming his head off as if I had just broken a world record. Eric Hudson & SSDL have been without a doubt the greatest teachers, and one of the greatest friends I have ever come to meet, and I can’t thank him enough for that.”

  • Anna Gregg

“[SSDL] Made me realize swimming wasn’t a chore anymore, also has made me a better teammate. [My favorite aspects of SSDL is] the quality they put into the workouts, how supportive they are, and the amount of info on the nutrition of a swimmer.”

  • Bailey Grinter

“When I started doing SSDL with Eric, I was an eighth grader unaware of my potential as a swimmer. Eric pushed me past my limits and helped me become the swimmer I am today. In the matter of a year, I had already dropped one second in my 50 free, four seconds in my 100 back, and 19 seconds in the 200 back. I achieved three YMCA National cuts as a thirteen-year-old, which was pretty significant. In the next two years of working with Eric, I achieved three more national cuts and even qualified for finals in the 100 back. If it wasn’t for Eric & SSDL, I would never have realized the importance of strength training and had the proper guidance to improve myself. His initial belief in me led me to become a four-time National champion, an IHSA state champion, an Olympic Trials qualifier, and an SEC champion. I truly believe that if SSDL never pushed me to become a better swimmer years ago, I would not have been a swimmer at the University of Tennessee.

  • Kiera Harkins

“One positive result I have seen since starting SwimStrong Dryland is that I am physically and mentally stronger than I have ever been. Since starting SwimStrong dryland I achieved 3 more Sectionals cuts and I got my first futures cut. I am also able to do many more pushups and pull-ups with good form than I could before. The thing I most enjoy about SwimStrong dryland is people you meet through the program. Other athletes should join SwimStrong Dryland because it is an amazing opportunity to meet new people in the swimming world and it is a way to get stronger by doing exercises specifically for swimmer.”

  • Ozan Kalafat

“I had undeniably the greatest year of my swimming career when I began working with the SwimStrong team. My overall athleticism skyrocketed. I was performing exercises I previously couldn’t with ease. I won meets I didn’t even think I would qualify for, went times I didn’t even dare to think about going, and built a racing mentality that propelled me to further success. Along with this, I met so many people. I have so many friends in the swimming community I met through SSDL, and still talk to them all the time. The success I saw in the pool after working with SwimStrong was also very evident. Every single aspect of my stroke, especially those of which correlate to athletic ability, improved greatly. My favorite of which was my newfound ability to hold a strong six beat kick for my entire 200 free and hold my pullouts to 15 meters on every turn. The support from the team you receive is unparalleled. At any moment, I could reach out to SSDL with questions or need for support, no matter which aspect of the sport it was related to. Whether it was eating healthier, improving hip mobility, overcoming a pinch in my shoulder, or dealing with pre-meet nerves, the coaching opportunities were countless.”

  • Katie Lawrence

“It’s an AMAZING way to meet people of all ages from different places across the nation, which I think is so cool. You get what you put in, so if you are consistently doing the workouts, challenging yourself, and showing up at practice, I guarantee you’ll see the results. Also, the staff is amazing! [They are] so supportive and encouraging. They always want the best for their athletes. They don’t just do it as a job but because they genuinely want to see their athletes grow into great swimmers and people”

  • Erica Maltsev

“I’ve gotten to know so many people with different backgrounds and experience with swimming making me more aware as an athlete and a person. SSDL has gotten me through the highs and lows of this sport, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without it.”

  • Alex Martin

“There are so many things that SSDL has taught me, helped me through, and given me that I could probably write a couple hundred-page book on it all. Every time I told myself I couldn’t do something, Eric & SSDL didn’t believe me, and pushed me to achieve my goal every single time. From pull-ups to sets in the pool, I was able to do things that I never even dreamed were possible. There is no one that motivates like Eric & SSDL does. SSDL knows how to bring the best out of people, making me want to be a better person every day.”

  • Raya Mellot

“I love that SwimStrong feels like a nationwide community, but still gives individual teams personalized workouts. Since starting SwimStrong Dryland, I have gotten stronger, more flexible, and have had less injuries.”

  • Grace Mulikin

“I love how knowledgeable and encouraging everyone is! We are all coming in at different points in our swimming careers so it’s great that the coaches put the same amount of effort into you no matter where you are in your career. After eight years I have finally gotten my first state cut. Not only did I get the cut, but I beat it by seven seconds! Other athletes should join as SwimStrong has it all when it comes to swimmers from dryland and nutrition to our mental game. It’s also a great community to meet new swimmers from around the nation.”

  • Josh Noll

“Other athletes should join SwimStrong Dryland because it allows you to get a head start on knowing exercises before college. It also gives you an edge on your competitors who aren’t doing swim specific drylands. SSDL has also made me new friends across the country that I talk to every day and can ask for advice if I need some.”

  • Annam Olasewere

“There are several things I absolutely love about [SwimStrong Dryland]. Firstly, the combination of strength and mobility workouts is fantastic. It’s not just about building strength, but also about keeping our bodies flexible and injury-free. The regular mobility sessions, about three times a week, are crucial for maintaining a loose and limber body. Secondly, having an accountability partner in the small group team is an absolute game-changer. It really is nice to have someone who keeps me in check, and constantly supports and motivates me. My partner and I have developed a great relationship where we push each other to reach our goals and stay committed to the program. It truly makes the overall experience so much better and keeps me accountable. Also, the SSDL staff are so supportive and always there to provide you with professional feedback and guidance whenever you need it. They genuinely care about your progress and success!! The program has informational sessions and articles about nutrients and more that are extremely beneficial, too.”

  • Erika Pelaez

“I noticed I got stronger overall and had great results in and out of the pool. [SSDL] also addressed my muscle weaknesses and imbalances which helped with the chronic knee pains I’ve had since I was little. SSDL definitely made me a more positive swimmer. Apart from the physical benefits like rehab resources, getting stronger, and better mobility, I noticed that with the mindset tips and techniques I was able to not get stuck in my head before big races. I [also] learned how to reframe my thoughts in way that would benefit me. That really eased the pressure I placed on myself, and I saw better results at meets.”

  • Darielle Riddle

“[SwimStrong Dryland] makes me feel more motivated to get up and go to practice which, makes me happier in the pool. I can feel my improvement in the pool. [SSDL also] makes me feel more motivated to get up and go to practice, which makes me happier in the pool. I feel like I’m part of a team.”

  • Sarah Rodrigues

“SSDL has motivated me for swimming even through the toughest times. The positive and motivational environment provided within the program has been extremely impactful for my swim career. It’s a fun and motivational way to put in that extra work that is going to set you apart from the rest.”

  • Leah Shackley

“[After joining SSDL], I have gotten physically stronger, which I have benefited from so much in the water. The overall impact I have gotten from SSDL is I have become physically stronger, and I have lifelong friendships with other elite athletes who know what it takes to become the best of the best!”

  • Meghan Sharma

“I love that SSDL is like a family, and everyone is always pushing each other to do their best. I have seen massive improvements in my strength in the water along with my power and speed. I have also been able to work on my nutrition and eating habits which has helped my performance as well.”

  • Sam Skibo

“My strength in the pool as well as my overall athleticism has gone up considerably. My strength speed and explosiveness have all improved. If you want better results in the pool there isn’t really any better swim specific program than SSDL.”

  • Corey Su

“I have become more focused and more dialed into the small details in my everyday life. It ultimately makes me a better swimmer and better person. SwimStrong Dryland has a massive impact on athletes who are dedicated and are willing to put in the work. It teaches work ethic and responsibilities.”

  • Nate Thomas

“I have seen a drastic improvement in my overall strength and power in the water since joining [SwimStrong Dryland]. My recovery time has also sped up allowing me to incorporate more work in the pool. Other athletes should join SwimStrong if they are looking to improve in the sport of swimming and want to better themselves as an overall athlete not just swimmer.”

  • Emily Thompson

“SwimStrong Dryland has introduced me to so many amazing people over the past few years that I’ve been doing it. Swimmers should join SwimStrong Dryland not only to have beneficial dryland workouts, but”…”because SwimStrong acts as a second family at meets. It’s always great walking up to other SwimStrong swimmers and meeting them. We all hang out at meets (and with Eric when he is there) and have a blast every time. Championship meets can be very stressful, and it’s great to have as many people as possible to talk to if you’re feeling overwhelmed or want to take your mind off of your swimming.”

  • Ava Valchar

“It’s a really great program for the ones who want it. For the ones who will put in the work when no one is watching. It creates a positive and hype environment that is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. It has helped me open my eyes to a whole new side of Swimming I’ve never seen before. Including the eating, dryland, and positive mindset. It has also made me change my mindset and know that I am never alone.”

  • Reagan Wenglar

“I enjoy how every practice is challenging. I have gotten stronger out and in of the water and it shows in my meets.”

  • Cole Wilson

“[What I enjoy most about SSDL is] how many different workouts options there are to incorporate every muscle group and part of your body. I’ve seen good improvement out of the pool getting stronger which have converted into my swimming!”

  • Finn Winkler

“Having worked with SwimStrong [for the past 5 years] I have seen how much it has grown and improved. Whether it’s stability and mobility movements or strength vs core days, the dry-land programming has given me confidence and has helped me become not only stronger, but more resilient and less prone to injury. When it comes to results, I have consistently dropped time at swim meets thanks to my time and consistency working with SSDL. Without the knowledge and fundamentals I’ve learned from SSDL, I doubt I would be where I am today. It has basically made me the swimmer I am today.”

  • Kaii Winkler

“Doing Dryland with SwimStrong for me is something I need. I know that I wouldn’t be where I am without it. I think the best thing” …” about being with SwimStrong is the community and support we get. We all work hard as a family.”

  • Abi Winnicki

“The dryland itself is a very fun program with new workouts each week to keep you excited for the next weeks to come! It has also been a great resource to meet new friends, have a group of coaches that care about you as a person and athlete, and it helps you develop into a more well-rounded athlete/swimmer to reach your highest potential!!”

  • Jessie Wolf

“SSDL has been a good supplement to my in-pool training, and has helped me get stronger and improve my times. I enjoy having a structured workout plan that I am able to do with friends. Athletes should join SSDL if they want to feel stronger in the water and also what guidance on nutrition and wellness.” 


Coach Testimonials


  • Bill Bailey – Katy Aquatics, TX

“[My favorite aspects of SSDL are] the energy, professionalism, openness to talk, the information it provides to the staff and the team, team zoom calls and learning opportunities for swimmers. SSDL helped me grow as a coach, provided open discussions with coaches around the US, given me a vast resource network through their program for me and my athletes.”

  • Will Baumgardner – Cardinal Aquatics, KY

“Each month we get a dryland plan tailored to our team that is extremely intentional. All of the exercises have a direct correlation to swimming and the progression throughout the season is thoughtful and effective. Each exercise has a video link to a demonstration to ensure, as a coach, I explain the movement to my swimmers effectively while ensuring their safety by instructing proper technique. This is extremely valuable to me as a coach. Having been with the program for almost two years, we can attest it works! As a coach, I see holistic fitness as having 5 main categories: (1) Movement, (2) Recovery, (3) Mindset, (4) Nutrition, and (5) Sleep. The workouts and challenge weeks are designed to make our swimmers FIT in their movements. Additionally, the SSDL team includes webinars and blogs about the remaining 4 facets to help create well rounded athletes. The best result of the program is watching young athletes work through the dryland program and take away knowledge from the webinars to become confident in their body and their abilities. Eric and the entire SwimStrong Team are experts. Many times, swim coaches overlook the benefits of a structured dryland program or don’t have the time to design a season dryland program in addition to the swimming plan. Leave the research, planning, and designing to the dryland experts! I get to spend my time coaching during dryland workouts knowing that I am executing a thoughtful and world-class program.”

  • Allison Brol – Nitro Swimming, TX

“If you are a team looking for the full package of development of a young adult, swimmer, and competitor, SwimStrong is it! We have a clear vision of what our team needs, and adding in the dryland, nutrition, and culture components has been a game changer for us. [One of my favorite aspects of SSDL is] the Culture that it has brought to our team. Swimmers (specifically 12-18), are super proud to represent Nitro and SwimStrong. It is evident through Social Media and being on deck.”

  • Matt Emmert – Kingfish Swimming, RI

“From the program design, creative workouts, nutrition, and customer service. SSDL provides everything “DRY” we need to elevate our program to new heights. [SSDL] provides a safe, fun, and first class dryland experience for your members, mitigates injuries through intentional, not arbitrary, dryland training, and has allowed me to focus on other areas to help our club grow & succeed.”

  • Jerry Foley – YMCA of Triangle Area, NC

“SSDL focuses on the development of the whole athlete, which aligns with the philosophy of the YOTA swim team. Our coaching staff has learned from SSDL in a variety of areas such as the correct way to perform exercises, leadership, and nutrition. They are wonderful partners and invested in the success of the swimmers and team. “

  • Mark Gole – Northwest Arkansas Aquatics, AR

“From the first conversation to our current ongoing work with SSDL, Eric’s philosophy of long-term athletic development lined up with ours and we’ve been enjoying all of the work that SSDL does for our entire program from our youngest beginner swimmers to those that that are looking to take their swimming to the highest level. Since joining SSDL, our team has placed the highest we ever had in our region as well as won our LSC Age Group Championships for the first time in program history. We’ve also broken over 100 team records. They provide far more than just a dryland program for your athletes. They provide leadership and character development and nutrition, but most importantly, Eric and his staff’s excitement about what they do shines through and motivates the athletes to do better every day.”

  • Shaynah Jerrell – Aquatic Team of Mecklenburg, NC

“[SwimStrong Dryland] takes a full athlete approach. The way they address nutrition, mental wellness, athlete leadership, and athlete & parent education, in additional to dryland is one of a kind. They are another tool in our toolbox to help our athletes be the best they can be. The athletes have a better understanding of how their body moves in and out of the water. We are more powerful, explosive, & athletic [since joining SSDL].

  • Nate Long – Club North Swimming, KS

“The staff at SwimStrong Dryland is motivational, driven, and incredibly knowledgeable in their implementation of programing. SwimStrong provides athletes with a program that is made for swimmers of all ages. It is catered to each team’s equipment and space and works for small or large teams. Eric and his staff are top tier in every way! SwimStrong has taken the “guessing” out of dryland for me as a coach and provided a researched and deliberate plan that is dedicated to bettering the performance of swimmers! It has allowed me to focus on the swimming part of practice, while knowing that my athletes are getting the best of the best out of dryland.”

  • Rodney Pilman – Riverside Aquatic Association, CA

“SwimStrong is run by a great group of people who are personable and passionate about what they do, excellent program planning, great variety and detailed exercises. [With SwimStrong], dryland has become focused and efficient, and swimmers are engaged with the program. Swimmers have had improved strength, flexibility, speed and power that has directly impacted how they perform in the pool. Our team is better, our athletes are better, and as a coach I am able to focus my time and energy on what goes on in the pool. At the same time my knowledge of dryland has expanded, and I’ve been able to grow as a coach.”

  • Lori Reigler – Aquastar, TX

“The SwimStrong Dryland staff works very closely with coaches to understand how we are training our athletes in the water, therefore, making sure the dryland program appropriately compliments that training. They understand the needs of athletes of all ages and design age-appropriate workouts that are challenging and fun. I have learned a lot from SSDL. They are great at providing the “why” behind every exercise and how it helps the athlete in the water. There is no other program that matches what SwimStrong Dryland provides. They are truly invested in the swim athlete and how to make them not only better athletes but better people. I wish SSDL had existed when I began my coaching career. Collaborating with and trusting in the SSDL staff has allowed me to focus more on the in-water training of my athletes. The monthly Coaches Corner discussions and presentations are awesome and have provided a new network of people to talk to and learn from, as well. “

  • Christian Schurr – Katy Aquatics, TX

“[We have seen] a lot more flexibility and strength in areas that we didn’t have before [after joining SwimStrong Dryland]. I love having all the nutrition and leadership stuff, as well. Having the nutrition, especially, is an added bonus, as I emphasize it a ton, so having that resource to correlate with what I say is huge.”

  • Randy Teeters – Nitro Swimming, TX

“[There has been] significant improvement in strength, leadership and team culture as a result of nearly two years with the program. [I would recommend SSDL to coaches who are looking for] help with structure and guidance in strength and conditioning. As well as direction with leadership, nutrition and goal setting strategies for all athletes on your team.”

  • Alex Totura – Springfield YMCA, IL

“My favorite part of the program is that things are comprehensive and easy to find and explain. It saves so much time thinking about what athletes should do or what is appropriate for each age of athlete. It makes it easier for me to coach dryland and keeps me from guessing or second guessing myself. I am able to approach coaching dryland more confidently. We feel like team engagement is greater since we have been doing SSDL. More kids are excited about coming to practice and beginning their practices out of the water. We have also seen great improvements in strength and confidence from the athletes that have really invested in becoming better at dryland. Confidence at any stage is so important so we love to see confidence in dryland to help with confidence in the pool. SSDL has helped to expand my network. Being able to hear from other coaches who have different perspectives and experiences than myself has been so valuable as I navigate my coaching career and try to be the best that I can be for my athletes. It has also saved me so much time over the years that I don’t know what I would do without it. Other teams should join SSDL because they are people you can trust. It is rare to find an individual, let alone an entire group of individuals, who truly cares about all the athletes and coaches who participate in their program. The staff is extremely supportive and knowledgeable, and you know that they care about your results as a coach and care for all of the athletes.”

  • George Vlahos – YMCA of Triangle Area, NC

“Everything has a purpose in what SwimStrong Dryland does. Whether it be the workouts, the leadership seminars, or their articles on nutrition, everything gets related back to swimming and why it is important to swimming. [Other teams should join SwimStrong Dryland because] they will put your teams needs first and give you extra time to work on other items within your swim team. It is extremely worth the investment! SSDL has allowed for me to focus more on the coaching aspect of swimming/dryland vs the season plan and writing workout portion of coaching. This allows me to put more energy into the athletes vs the workouts.”

  • Chad Winkle – WAVE Aquatics, WA

“We have seen a huge amount of growth for our athletes. Along with that we are starting to see the repetition and teaching at the younger ages showing up as the kids age through our program. I have learned a lot from Eric and the other staff members at SwimStrong. I have also learned a lot from the coaches meetings. Hard to pinpoint one [favorite aspect of SwimStrong Dryland]. Top 3 would be: 1) the quality of programming for the athletes 2) the care and investment of the staff 3) lots of recourses for coaches to learn and grow”


Parent Testimonials


  • Leslie Balzano

“What I enjoy most is that this program is more than just the typical dryland or strength training program. This program trains the whole athlete including physical training, nutrition, goal setting and the sport psychology. I would recommend this program to other parents because I feel is integral part of my child’s success in the water and out.”

  • Wei Bao

“For dryland, as parents, we have no idea, but with you, we didn’t need to worry about it.”

  • Lauren Barnicle

As a parent of a SwimStrong athlete, I really appreciate the resources the program provides my swimmer: thorough and efficient workouts, knowledgeable and supportive coaches, training partners and nutrition education. The SSDL community has provided my swimmer with support, confidence and an opportunity to improve his performance in the pool through effective workouts and communication. At almost every meet he attends, he encounters other SSDL athletes from other teams that support each other and have built friendships, both in an and out of the pool.”

  • Trisha Bloom

“The support you get from the staff is amazing! They are there for the swimmers to encourage them and to help them with their goals. I have seen her love of swimming get even stronger and know she has the support.”

  • Murat Cakir

“[My favorite part of SSDL is the] commitment and help of each coaches. Quick and honest responses.”

  • Ellen Lawrence

“Before my daughter joined SSDL, she was doing CrossFit. Although she was getting stronger, I was worried that the trainers didn’t understand the specialized needs of a swimmer. I was thrilled when she found SSDL because the workouts are designed expressly for swimmers and include a ton of mobility training, which I feel is essential for athletes that specialize in a sport. The impact that SSDL has had on my daughter is immeasurable. Yes, she now has a dryland program we can trust, but the benefits far surpass dryland training. She has built a nationwide network of workout accountability partners and close swim friends that not only push her to be the best she can be, but that also root for each other’s progress and success in and out of the pool. With SSDL she has found her tribe – an entire community of likeminded swimmers with the desire and drive to be strong and fast.Eric Hudson is the one of the most inspirational coaches — and people, I have ever met. He is an expert in sports psychology and has an unparalleled understanding of how the mind of a youth swimmer works. I consider him one of the foremost experts in the nation on how to inspire and motivate teen swimmers to be successful in and out of the pool. He just knows what makes them tick — and I consider him and the SSDL coaches an essential component of my daughter’s coaching team.”

  • Jennifer Laughner

“SwimStrong Dryland is a great supplement to [my daughter’s] training program. The workouts are top notched and varied. The encouragement, the individual attention, and the monthly webinars also help to foster a positive mindset. My daughter has not only gained strength but also knowledge of the proper form and mobility movements needed to prevent injury. “

  • Eugenia & Juan Pelaez

“It is a complete program. No need to go shopping around in any aspect. [The impact SSDL has had on my swimmer is] being more secure, positive, motivated and know that she will have a support behind a great group of professionals in any aspect of the sport.”

  • Robert Richard

“[SSDL is an] all encompassing program including mental, nutritional, and physical. Along with coaching engagement. As a determined swimmer the structured program was what Sophia needed to continue to grow as a person and an athlete. SSDL is a comprehensive system that’s takes any guess work out of the equation. If your child is ready to become a better person all around, do yourself a favor and enroll.”

  • Jessica Shackley

“I enjoy knowing that Leah is participating in a program that she feels she is successful in. I also enjoy knowing that she is connected with other swimmers with the same goals and level of determination. I would recommend SSDL to parents that have a self-motivated swimmer who is looking at advancing their dryland to another level.”

  • Jarrod Thomas

“When we signed our son up for SwimStrong, we were looking for a program that focused on training for a swimmer. We live in a rural area of the Midwest and there is not a lot of fitness centers or trainers in this area that know how to focus on the workouts designed for a competitive swimmer and their needs. SwimStrong has very much checked that box and so much more. They focus not only on workouts, but nutritional health and mental health, as well. My wife and I were new to swimming and have had to learn a lot of this through our son. SwimStrong has always been there when we have any questions. Since SwimStrong, our son has been setting goals with his coach and very much achieving them. The results have been tremendous. So much so that our younger son will be signing up this summer to join his brother. His coach is there when he needs motivation or just some advice for an upcoming meet. [Most] the coaches are former swimmers and are more than willing to give us advice when needed. This program is so much more than just a Dryland exercise program, and I can’t say enough good things about them.”